" When someone is crying, of course, the noble thing to do is to comfort them. But if someone is trying to hide their tears, it may also be noble to pretend you do not notice them. "
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" When your past calls, don’t answer. It has nothing new to say. "
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" Most people carry that pain around inside them their whole lives, until they kill the pain by other means, or until it kills them. But you, my friends, you found another way: a way to use the pain. To burn it as fuel, for light and warmth. You have learned to break the world that has tried to break you. "
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Julia Brown - How I Spent My Summer

taking valium 
the first snow of the year 
driving down winters lane in the summer 
spending all winter at your house

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Moussin Irjan; Oil, 2012, Painting “What warms the soul?”
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" Be — don’t try to become "
Osho (via yogaformysoul)

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Tattoo done by Nate Click.